Design & Development

DCS can assist you in every aspect of your wireless project from selecting the correct antenna to suppressing noise that may cause challenges in performance. Our team can aid in every aspect of your design.

Project Review

Lean on our engineering team to review your wireless project and receive a third party analysis with recommended best practices to improve operation and performance.

Antenna Performance

Discover potential short comings in your wireless design as we work with the leading certified labs to discover antennas deficiencies and implement necessary enhancements to optimize antenna performance.

Project Readiness

Are you ready? Learn about the “Gotcha’s” prior to entering lab testing and certification

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. Our team has an immense amount of experience in device design challenges which allows us to provide your team with correct recommendations.

Certification Overview

DCS can review or prepare your carrier lab entry documents and applications to ensure your device is classified correctly and your are not overpaying for testing procedures.

Production & Manufacturing

Our team can define manufacturing testing procedures to ensure your contract manufacturer is implementing the right testing at the right place in the manufacturing process.

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